The Edinburgh International Exhibition of reaches it 160th running this year. All entries received up to 10 a.m. on 30th April have now been acknowledged. There are 6 weeks left to submit your entries. All entries have to be made on-line at by June 12th. Prints must be received no later than June 17th.

This year for the first time we are offering Scottish Photographic Federation Medals, there is very limited opportunity for those living outside of Scotland to win one of these very attractive medals.

Remember too that Scotland, like the rest of the UK nations, is regarded as another country towards your FIAP accreditations. As a print salon there is also the prospect of gaining print acceptances towards your FIAP “A” and “E”.

Thank you to all who have already entered, we wish you good success and look forward to displaying your successful works to the thousands of visitors that visit the Exhibition during the Edinburgh International festivals.

Best wishes and good success,

Alexander D. Berndt, Chairman and Secretary, 160th Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography, Edinburgh Photographic Society.