CATALOGUES – Apologies we ran out of printed catalogues at the exhibition this year despite ordering 500 more than we distributed last year. A reprint quantity has been received and the final batch will be sent next week to those who requested a printed catalogue.

RETURNS – All entries to the 159th Edinburgh International marked for return have now been dispatched. The last batch was sent yesterday. You should receive them by midweek.

COLLECT – All entries marked for collection are now available at Edinburgh Photographic Society. As noted in the entry rules, entries not collected by 31 Oct 2023 will be destroyed. To ARRANGE collection please come along to one of Edinburgh Photographic Society’s meeting nights and someone should be able to assist (See for our programme and downloadable pdf syllabus). Our pre-season Open night is this Wednesday 13th Sep. Members will be present from 6:30 pm until around 9:00 pm. We will also be open for two weekends (23-24 Sept and 7-8 Oct from 11:00-16:00) to allow viewing of a Print Exhibition by members of the Gamma Photoforum Group . Alternatively you may contact me directly to confirm that there will be someone present or to make a mutually convenient arrangement for collection.

Thank you each for entering the 159th Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography. We look forward to receiving your entries next year for the 160th running of this prestigious print exhibition.

Meanwhile entries for the 2nd Edinburgh Photographic Society International Digital Exhibition are open, until the 30th Sept, at .

Best wishes and thanks for your part making the 159th Edinburgh International Exhibition a great success.


Alexander D. Berndt, 159th Edinburgh International Exhibition Chair